Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kids prefer to search visually

A friend had invited me to dinner the other day; she has a 12-year old daughter who - of course - knows how to use a PC, and who - of course - know how to google for information about her favourite TV shows.

The interesting thing is the way she uses Google: she only searches in Google Images. She obviously doesn't care (nor know) that Google Images covers only a tiny subset of the actual Web search, and that she probably won't ever see the best content that's available for Charmed. It doesn't bother her at all, because "text is so boring".

(This was, BTW, it first time I would have preferrd a PC with NetNanny; she was also searching for "Beyoncé" and the results were not always what we would have expected ;) )

Of course I installed LostGoggles... let's see if she changes her Googling habits :)


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