Monday, November 15, 2004

Google demands shutdown of

Google, Inc. has contacted me several months ago regarding the "unathorized use of Google trademark" and the "unauthorized services on". Although I've tried to discuss this issue with them, unfortunately, we were not able to reach an agreement that would allow me to further use the name "MoreGoogle".

What does this mean: well, I'm going to close the web site and possibly transfer the domain name to Google, Inc.

More news later...


At 3:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now *this* is simply ridiculous ... I did anticipate Google, Inc. to be furious for not thinking of the idea themselves, but to demand shutting down of the site - how stupid is that? I would laugh at them, man. Trademark your ass, that's my answer. With the directions like these you won't be able say FUCK anymore without "unauthorized use of SOMECRAP, INC. trademark" pretty soon. Someone came and made their product better - and that someone is being harassed for that, I just cant believe this! I wonder what they're going to do if I call my child Google - sue me too?

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